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GoVideo D2730 Firmware V3


GoVideo relased V3 of their firmware in the last few days. Everything is a little more polished. Here’s their list of features:

• MPEG4 Transcoding, enabling you to watch MPEG4 movie files. • Ability to view BMP, TIFF, PICT, PSD, and JPEG files. • Support for other UPnP (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play) compatible premium servers, such as Musicmatch, Rhapsody, Fjord, etc. Note: GoVideo customers can try Real Rhapsody free for 30 days! To download Rhapsody go to You must enable UPnP in the User Settings of Rhapsody (click on Options, then select User Settings, click on the UPnP tab, and then Start Server).

  •  StreamLinkâ„¢ 2.0/Improved wireless streaming in noisy environments.
  •  Autoconnect for seamless network setup.
  •  More friendly UI and navigation.
  •  Default thumbnails for pictures.
  •  Unified DB to access media from several PC’s through 1 server connection.
  •  ADHOC slideshow to allow any music stream simultaneously with images.