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D5 Media Server Hacks


A while back I created a program to allow me to set network drives to be indexed with the D5 Media Server. It allowed me to play my movies and MP3’s on a shared network drive on my D2730. Well, “jnz” posted an even better solution over on pvrblog. He disassembled the executable and found a few bits to flip to add some functionality to D5MediaServer.exe. I’ve tried these out and they work well. If you are not comfortable in a hex editor, you can use my program. Here’s his post from pvrblog:

I’ve been poking around some more and I’ve found a couple places that can be patched. I’ll describe them here.


Effect: Lets you drag and drop network files from Explorer

Search for: 83 F8 03 75 77

Change the last two bytes to: 90 90


Effect: Makes network drives show up in the media import tab

Search for: 83 F8 03 74 05 83 F8 06

Change the last byte to: 04


Effect: Unknown

Search for: 83 FF 03 75 E9

Change the last two bytes to: 90 90

I’m not quite sure what #3 does. It seems to be some sort of sanity check on requested files. If you can add files but can’t play them, you might try #3 and see if it helps. I have mine working without having to use #3 though.