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MediaMan media catalog


mediaman-screenshot-2-l.jpgThere’s a pretty good program for MCE for keeping a catalog of your DVD’s, but I was looking for something I could run on my laptop and easily see what DVD’s we had. And, most importantly, I wanted to be able to print out a complete list of our DVD’s I could keep in the car that I can consult when I happen to be at a store with a cheap movie. So I a couple really bad programs but then I came across MediaMan. It does exactly what I want and does it very well. And best of all, it’s free.

It’s very easy to add DVD’s to your collection using MediaMan. You just put in the title and it uses Amazon’s web services to let you select the exact movie you have (or multiple disks if you have multiple ones in a series) and then it downloads the album art and all the information about the movie into your collection. In version 2 you can even hook up a webcam and use it to can UPC codes for a quick import of a very large DVD (or book, games, cd’s) library.

Once you get your media collection setup, there’s a bunch of stuff you can do in MediaMan. There are plenty of nice views to view your data. And there are some great export methods to export to CSV files for printing. There are a bunch of other features you can see on their features page.

I could list a few of the other things I like about this application, but either you are the type of person that thinks cataloging your DVD’s, books, and CD’s is a good idea, or you think I’m crazy. If you don’t think I’m crazy, go download it:

Update: About 5 minutes after I finished writing this I read this post over on 43 Folders about an OS X app called Delicious Library that does almost the exact same thing as MediaMan except on OS X. It looks pretty slick, but costs $40. But I guess you Mac guys are probably used to spending money by now ;)