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dCut for Media Center


I don’t use my Media Center for recording TV. I still use my ReplayTV for TV and the Media Center is just for watching other movies and listening to music. One of the main reasons I use the ReplayTV is the fact that it recognizes commercials and allows you to skip them (our old Replay died so we no longer have auto commercial skip). I saw some information about the new version of dCut and I’m thinking it’s getting closer to what I want. dCut allows you to edit and compress recorded shows. The new interface and new features look good but you still have to cut commercials by hand. But it looks great for archiving.

Though I’m not sure how well it would work, I’d like to see is some sort of P2P commercial cutting application. As I watch a show I could mark commercials and then other people in my area could download a small file that contained commercial locations and could automatically skip them on their recorded version of the show. But maybe that would be stealing TV…